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That hydrolyzed for maximum absorption results are felt and seen within weeks super collagen plus he promotes a healthy body by providing specialized nutritional support to help fight. The effects of aging neocell super collagen plus see products are available everywhere. Find nutritional supplements are sold back to let’s talk nutrition not my guess is ours. To mount Tim as a new guest of LTM and won’t be welcome him and not talking about really. Joint health but putting a lot of focus on collagen no the I know a lot of you listening heard. About glucosamine/chondroitin and I mean that there are more joint products out there.

Than I have since perhaps you have not considered the concept of collagen and using collagen. As a way to help heal and repair a joint or connective tissue or to prevent that kind of thing. Of having in the first place and an injury to so you have a healthier healthier joint. In the first place moreover an added benefit of as it turns out collagens connected the bone and connective. Tissue throughout the body and in terms of your hair out your skin and your nails collagen. Plays an important role as well so there’s a beauty component to collagen if you want.

Collagen Supplements


To call it that and unfortunately as we age we you depending on who you’re reading the rate of loss of collagen. You know maybe after age 20 I’ve seen writers say 1% a year after age 25 some writers. Talk about losing 1 1/2% per year women after menopause start to lose a lot of collagen. Postmenopausal so you aging sometimes is not a of that it’s never fair but we can slow. Things down and we can add to our health and collagen becomes an important I think strategy.

Or tactic in doing that welcome back Tim by the way I’m I met the neocell website and out and I went. To your super collagen powders 7 ounces I have used this product really you and I when. I was talking with you yesterday I didn’t realize you have to understand in my accountant. Will tell you that much to his much to his anguish up I mean I take a lot of different product. Got a try them and it’s hard for me to remember everything I’ve taken as I try everything and I when. I came to the website I said I immediately recognized the packaging the bottle. You know the container I have I have taken this product and it is it is excellent by the way.

I’m glad to hear that you great reviews from people and I’m glad that you had realize apologize realize. Just in hiding taken the darn product that sincere because you said that on the air but. I’m being honest I mean I have taken it really is excellent you know a lot of money open and people. Basically say things like it feels like I had WD-40 in my joint or you know it’s funny are. All going to a store and I’ll be talking with a sales associate or something and coming. Will come up and they oh neocell I love that and then go only feel like they need to show. Me exactly what was going on with them today my knee was feeling in the squat in the middle.

So What Should You Do?


Of the aisle. Think about it so you know I know the whole idea of collagen and I talk a lot about aging successfully on the show course part of aging successfully is to stay healthy and all that that means a dude from a holistic approach but you know if you’re healthy you’re going to look good. You wanted looking good is part of being healthy has a great psychological impact. On people skin hair and nails that those are healthy that you outwardly that’s great. If your joints in your bones are healthy on the inside, you feel better as well so collagen. Is a I considering one of those all-around all-purpose things to take if you will you know collagen?

Abundant protein in the human body make up about 25 to 35% of the body: protein so you are composed. Of collagen any supplement with collagen and it really can extend your longevity. Be affecting multiple systems in your body from joint to your beginning and really feeling. A lot better and looking better and looking better in that great yeah that would be great. Benefit than we actually fill a beauty line and we’ll fill a joint line felt yet a beauty collagen. Is really focused on the structure of your skin been shown to reduce the fine line likely. 6% your faith and 28% better moisture in your skin and really look collagen is if you.

Would think about interweaving some steel wires like rebar likely bar with concrete right absolutely. Yeah basically collagen is the rebar of your skin and that’s what it the strength and the youthful. Appearance so yell at you are saying after about 25 years old people are reducing the collagen. Output by about 1.5% year cell that is really the aging process summarized right there. Down aging really sucks doesn’t it feel older than my year that so many joint injuries. You use your real reason why should fight if you want me to say you tell me a I turns.

Out that Tim is a judo expert I tell you this yesterday on the phone but when I was a a lot younger. I had a next-door neighbor who was a master in judo and used to teach me a little bit of judo just enough. To get myself in trouble your norms but do you have practice judo long time in years. Now and 20 the other day I was going through my body to my friend and that I think I injured. Every single joint in my body and I love the sport but it is really tough I figured out that me. Left hip had never been injured fill that unhealthy for sure so I scrolled down. Even the little bit further and this product called collagen plus see pomegranate liquid. Yeah that I take that product as well that that my favorite one that in the ironic at the one.

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