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I have not taken by I have to the two I’ve taken are the super collagen powder and you have. To take that on an empty stomach again and add the collagen plus see pomegranate liquid. I’ve taken that as well really depends on what the person wants to take it the same type. Of collagen once in a liquid form and one for the powder form the liquid to have them pomegranate. You get the added benefit of antioxidant you recommend both of those products. Be taken on an empty stomach absolutely it’s really important not to take any collagen.

With protein in your stomach why the body will actually recognize collagen in your stomach and not break it down. Completely deep into peptide and it will actually circulate it down the area. Of need so if you have an injured joint it will circulate the collagen right down there and increase. Your there rejected that particular structure so you’re saying this was other. Proteins has to compete with other proteins that would you talk about exactly you want to compute.

Your body basically more as I get confused easily to us will be right back your skin showing signs. Of aging you want hair with more body and stronger nails add neocell super collagen plus. Seedier daily routine to help you regain your youthful vibrant appearance collagen. Are the body’s key structural proteins and it is critical to the elasticity and strength? Of connective tissues like skin ligaments and tendons recent clinical studies suggest. That supplementing with collagen may reduce wrinkles and increase the firmness. Of your skin improve the thickness your hair and strengthen your nails previously medical studies. Also show a wide range of benefits from collagen supplements that may help.

What’s The Game Plan?


With your joint pain bone strength and exercise recovery neocell super collagen plus he provides. 100% pure collagen that hydrolyzed for maximum absorption results are felt and seen. Within weeks’ super collagen plus he promotes a healthy body by providing specialized. Nutritional support to help fight the effects of aging neocell super collagen plus see products. Are available everywhere find nutritional supplements are sold related to the second. Half of the second hour on let’s talk nutrition for today great to be with you and not to new guests today one of the first hour and in the second hour to mount a brand-new.

Two let’s talk nutrition and spokesperson for neocell proud to tell you that neocell is a new sponsor. Of let’s talk nutrition visit their website and EO Neo that their great company and I identify. Was talking with Tim yesterday this is the traffic so many products I try so many different. Things over the years and I didn’t realize are two products I’ve taken on more than one occasion neocell products didn’t even realize that I did that with their website. Dear and I realize at all my goodness I’ve taken these products in the end their great. They really work in turns out that they’ve done of of in the area of collagen a done a great. Job the one product that taken is there super collagen powder and I’ve also taken.

Their collagen plus see pomegranate liquid which tastes Yum so if you want to minimize fine lines and wrinkles if you want to improve the elasticity of your skin you want to have more moisture in your skin you want thicker hair you want stronger nails and you want to nourish and strengthen. Your ligaments tendons and bones get collagen into your body welcome back. Tim the does a lot of mean viewpoint I mean it’s the most abundant protein so it’s going to do a lot of work and it does that and much more so the strategy would be to get more. Collagen into your body right at the meeting with grand on a daily rate really support you. Body and make up for that 1.5% that you will be here and if you live long enough to start. Doing the math, you help yourself out here I am looking at the products I noticed. The one I’ll get you to talk about it in a moment but with the collagen products are all of them.

Just Do It


Do you take those on an empty stomach yet well there actually two different types of collagen? Other talk about that one in three and entered collagen type you and you Gulick want. To take any type of collagen regardless of the type on an empty stomach but one of three. And take you actually they can be taken together either because of the main issue the body. Won’t recognize structure the collagen and that as collagen and that there is to say that again the sure if you’re taking either take one in three or type II you don’t want to take. Them together to actually only for cartilage and so if you have a torn meniscus or you have. A bulging disc in your backer you broke your nose or something like that you would.

Want to stick with the type heels you should always take type II by itself by itself or type I and three. By itself and I always recommend first thing in the morning laughing right before you go to bed. I should make sure I understand this type I collagen can you take it with type XXXI and three. Are always found together okay you can’t together yeah so anytime you the collagen supplement. Most kind pretty tight one in three together or type II never to be combined sufficiently. That mean that’s a very good point some people aiming to be taking different processing. While just take this product has type I and type III in it now also take my type to collagen.

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