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Four for the whole idea of staying healthy and has completely devoted to the to this project. Than on a personal level on a professional level that was very clear to me and I you might. Suffer from joint pain is a ward of the causes wad I could spend an hour talking about. Causes just that mean not one article I was reading lately was the hundred and 58. Different causes of joint pain at Tim is so the spokesperson for neocell by the way neocell’s. New sponsor to let’s talk nutrition so Tim welcome to the show it’s great to have you’re is a first. Time guest welcome to the Academy on how are you I’m doing very well.

Thank you are you out there in California I am a beautiful day out here today was my first guess. Are you in southern or northern Southern California and all your business in an it’s beautiful. There yet chronic joint pain big issue CDC report it’s making maybe 70 million or more. Americans suffer from chronic joint pain that’s a big that’s a big that’s a big health issue for people. Was an yeah at you know anybody that never weighed or lifted weight or just drinking. The aging process will usually experience some type of joint issue is definitely a major. Concern of people and fortunately there are some options out there to help.

You of course you know arthritis is one big cause of joint pain lot your tens of millions of Americans suffer. From arthritis injury or trauma unusual exertion or overuse of the joint including sprains and strains. Those are common causes of inflammatory joint pain tendinitis bursitis on healthy. Diet toxicity I may not go on and on right of the list is long know yet are part of God why. Joint will have pain or not be as stable as they once were there so many different. Causes there’s really some underlying things about joint pain and joint stability and it’s. Really the structure of the joint that really what happened focusing on a lot in what are the water.

Breaking Down


The parts that are damaged and how can we talk about that what happens here. When the joint I guess it would depend on what we’re talking about is the cause of its arthritis. Or if it’s an injury you gladden identify whatever it is that whatever because you want but what. Had essentially happens to a joint when it was either start the generator gets injured here. For an actual injury for encourager and the city a little bit different than on type of degenerative. Absolute yeah they are joint you’re right there is a very different go-ahead. You go with joint injury there are very important structural component that most everybody.

Is heard of you have your bones and then On top of that which is your cartilage and then the tendons and ligaments. That hold those structures together and of course the muscle pulls on. The attendant gets joint to move and in any type of joint injury usually type of pressure. Is put on that joint and will either caught carrying or ripping or a breaking of any one. Of those parts of the joint to be could be the It could be a ligament something right by me football players. The only talk about what the ACLU on these I mean this is mentioned. All the time doing for football season need injuries big deal yeah you terrible one Mayfield blowout on her pretty. Injury there are many here are really common as well anybody it ever had their knee or poppet usually on thing and that cartilage issue and yet you can stretch your tendons if you overexert yourself. There’s quite a bunch of different ways that joint breakdown but they all have one thing in common and that. The structure of all of that is mainly composed of collagen is connective tissue. Like the tendons and ligaments and so on these are connective that’s connected considered. Connective tissue right correctly after the ligament and tendons are considered the issue. In the joint Belviq the bone and cartilage collagen is implicated all of those structures. All of the structured yeah a lot of people forget about college I know when they’re thinking about joint but really 99% of ligament is made of collagen 86% of pending or collagen and about 50% of the bone is made of minerals.

Getting To It’s Core


And that the remaining 40% of collagen pill it’s really involved in all of the joint very closely occasionally. Come back I asked him will talk about so I did collagen this is interesting perhaps You haven’t thought about this in terms of the perhaps preventative approach to joint health. Or if you already have an injury no time how Mike collagen help here is just another way. Giving you another way to have good joint health or if Yorty have an injury may be to have a better healing process be right back your skin showing signs. Of aging you want hair with more body and stronger nails add neocell super collagen plus. Seedier daily routine to help you regain your youthful vibrant appearance collagen.

Is the body’s key structural proteins and it is critical to the elasticity and strength of connective. Tissues like skin ligaments and tendons recent clinical studies suggest that supplementing. With collagen may reduce wrinkles and increase the firmness of your skin improve the thickness. Your hair and strengthen your nails previously medical studies also show a wide. Range of benefits from collagen supplements that may help with your joint pain bone. Strength and exercise recovery neocell super collagen plus he provides 100% your collagen.

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