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I recognize that product I recognize that one as well and I took them I think two rounds of each of those products. And they work fabulous and so I only get back on it now again this there it’s collagen and if you really. Want to age 6 cells successfully you need to make sure that you keep. The collagen levels in your body at an optimal level you can think of the collagen. Matrix is really what holds things together connects everything together think of it is us as a young couple metaphors are you are Tim use it is about a rebar metaphor. Also think of it as a screen and the holes in the screen would be the cells so as we age and that collagen starts to dissipate that matrix starts to cave in on itself then. You get the wrinkles and write you get the idea welcome back Tim have to ask you are just a little.

Off point for second even studying judo for a long time and I’m sure you’ve learned a lot about judo what. Has judo taught you about life on one know judo taught me about self-control and perseverance. To the two big thing you really is a very powerful martial art and being able to control. Your body and control your emotions and really control who you are at all times. I think the biggest benefit and it really doesn’t have much to do with self-defense it has. To do with the core of of you know what makes a person with ER just beyond the injuries. As you competed your 2nd° black belt in judo not beyond the injuries how do you think. Judo contributes to health well you know any exercise can be great for you I believe.

Breaking Down

That that martial art way the best exercise you can ever get to know about you but I’m on the treadmill running. I get a little bit bored and I think to myself man when you can and still worth literally. No fighting against buddy and you don’t have time to think about that you get a great. Workout in it go goes by quickly and you’re not only using your cardiovascular system. But also your muscles as well my buddies at the gym Ross Fisher practice judo for many years and said he had his share. Of injuries to but that is a way to judge people can practice these martial arts in a way where they don’t have to you expose themselves that kind. Of injury so she was competition mean you can do these things in a way where.

You can sustain your health and be in your relatively injury free coming into trying to do this to hurt yourself. I presume right yeah you know I did a pretty high level at that level fighting will take: on your body but you. Known as a child or add a recreational practitioner. You’re really can be safe value great Matt we make sure that the number one priority. On the mat and yet we rarely the injury is yet to be great for your health is just another way. To keep the body moving and of course I was just one of the folks it was in the in the studio. With mice the technical producer Stephen one of the traffic people is telling us. You need to listen to my show she’s I was talking to her and she’s on the outside.

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Of the glass as it were talking about collagen she’s at all is collagen products don’t work as a matter. Like that what he is saying of course they work what would you say she left so but what would you are what would you say. That you are talking about the collagen that you put on your face too big. To ignore so externally applied like a lotion it really doesn’t work and thank. I said that I said most people are applying topically the molecules to bake right absolutely. Yet not an urban your skin you could rub it on your joint and everything would heal up. You actually have to take it internally slices you do from the inside out she left so associate. Will have to mark this and will share that with our colleague. Jo even taking it internally a little bit of an issue that you hydrolyzed collagen because otherwise break down. Correctly in your stomach-hydrolyzed basically like taking a butcher’s knife and chop them apart protein on and we use hydrolyzed collagen.

Acquired certain rate about 90% this is a good idea neocell the and EEOC DLL I looked here and I saw this one joint project I know you didn’t plan on talking about it but I wanted to mention. It was like a glucosamine/chondroitin product and I can’t find it again I lost. It can’t talk about that product for second or no yeah you know about you but when I walk. Into the help store and I’m standing in front of the joint section there are 1 million different options and honestly like dirty working for neocell and really researching collagen. I didn’t know much about which one was the best in where the priority should be what should I buy everybody.

Seems to be gravitating towards glucosamine/chondroitin honestly I don’t know why if you look. At a cartilage card which is 60% collagen and only 15% glucosamine and 15% right so really people’s. Priorities are backward you want to be supplementing with the most abundant part. Of that connective tissue instead of glucosamine/chondroitin which is really kind of a minor part of the joint structure you could really lament additionally.

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